Two car garage door

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Nowadays, it’s common for the homeowners to have more than one vehicle, because of the need for mobility or because of a hobby. A large room with the multiple vehicles parked in requires the two car garage door. The two car garage door is also widely used these days for modern home architecture. Although it offers the same kind of height as the other two main types or two single garage doors. It provides bigger space for better storage capacity. Yap, this kind of door has different dimensions. For the height, the standard measurements for this kind of modern house fixture are 8 feet and 7 feet. Aside from these two sizes, some doors measure 9 feet high. For the width, the usual measurements include the 16 feet, the 14 feet as well as the 12 feet wide doors. The widest standard garage door width is 18 feet. Of course, the size is determined by considering how big or how small the house.

Two car garage door

Most two-car garage doors are made from steel, which is either non-insulated or insulated. Some steel doors are insulated with polyurethane, the primary purpose of which is to make them energy efficient. You can still find doors made from aluminum, polyethylene, and wood. The wooden garage door may impress your guest so much with its elegance and its warmth, but it never cheap to have this kind of door, in purchasing or in maintenance. Steel stamped construction serves as an economical alternative for garage doors.

Before you purchase the two car garage door to install, you should also prepare the parts that support your doors to work well, such as springs and opener. The overhead two car garage doors commonly utilize the torsion springs. The presence of these devices eliminates the need to have safety restraint cables. Many homeowners proved that it’s better to have torsion springs on your doors rather than extension springs because they are easier to balance and fine tune. The doors are also commonly equipped with spring hardware including lag screws, cable drums as well as setscrews. Different types of garage door require the different opener. For your double door, especially if it’s made of the heavy metal or carriage doors, a 3/4-horsepower model is a better choice.


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