Small Garage Door

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Some houses don’t have a large area of the building plus the yard. But in the name of security, and sometimes in the name of exterior looks, the homeowners decide that it is important to allocate at least 12 m² area to build a garage. Many others have a pretty large house area but they believe that it doesn’t really necessary to build a very big garage.

Its because a small garage is enough to protect their golf size car or two-wheelers. It’s clear that the size of the garage should determine the size of the garage door you want to purchase. If you’re one of them who plan to build or insulating a small garage. Let’s start to read some catalog or learn the customer reports to find a right small garage door.

Small Garage Door

Garage door manufacturers are now coming up with different size of garage doors as different sizes of cars are now available in the market. The garage door sizes are basically segmented into three sizes – single car doors, double car doors, and golf cart doors. In this ‘small garage door hunt’, it’s similar with looking for a single car door or golf car door. The typical single car doors are available in sizes of 10 by 7 feet, 9 by 7 feet and the smallest; 8 by 7 feet. In addition, ten by eight feet, nine by eight feet and eight by eight feet are also available. It’s common for the width to vary by one foot in different states.

Size For Small Garage Doors

Golf cart doors are also known as small garage doors that are fit for small garages covering your small area. The standard sizes for these doors are 6 by 7 feet and 5 by 7 feet. Like other varieties, these garage doors are also available in variations such as 6 by 8 feet and 5 by 8 feet. Besides these standard sizes. There are also other sizes available with few inches less in width for the garages that are not exactly as big as the dimensions.

Build a small garage with a small garage door is considered as an efficiency project and help to enhance the exterior looks by performing minimalist style. However, nowadays the manufacturer produces the larger vehicle, like land rover, and many homeowners finally enlarge the size of their small opening to create the larger garage and then find a larger garage door.

Enlarging a garage door opening is almost impossible without substantially increasing the size of the garage. Unless basically you have a large garage door room but created a smaller opening. The biggest obstacle is usually the headroom above the existing opening. The span above the opening is framed with a long header that will have to be raised. If there isn’t enough room above the opening. This can’t be done without raising the roof of the garage. However, if it’s really necessary, don’t be hesitating to do it, by calling the professional or by your self.


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