How to Fix Your Garage Door ?

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Fix a garage door. A garage is needed as a safeguard for your vehicles, protect it safe from dust, rain, and thieves. To make it work well, you should make sure that there’s no serious problem happen in your garage door, and when it has problems such as won’t open, stop by itself, refuse to lock or age and warped, you have to fix your garage door immediately.

You may need a pro to get your garage door fixed, you know it’s difficult to replace broken springs because you need to remove and replace high tension springs under very high compression, but before you hire them, it’s necessary to know some condition about your garage door that makes it should be repaired.

Fix a Garage Door

To fix a garage door, it’s good to pay attention toward both your garage door and the opener. About your garage door, you must know that it operates on spring tension. The door moves on metal tracks on the wall powered by one or two springs. Those function related to how to fix. Some simple acts you can do are; check the metal tracks, if the mounting brackets are loose, tighten them.

Then look for dents, crimps or flat spots on the tracks and pound them back in shape, if the tracks are badly damaged replace them. Another is aligned the tracks with a level, clean the tracks and rollers with household cleaner and wipe them dry, check for loose hardware and tighten them, check the springs and adjust the tension

Next step to fix a garage door is looking for your opener. If it needs to be repaired, you can try to understand these; extension spring and torsion spring are the two types of the opener, extension springs are normal king size springs on the left and right side of the garage door, torsion springs look like tightly coiled springs above the garage door.

There’s some most questioned problem, one of them is ‘a garage door would stop by its self’. Usually, the owner confused when they push the remote control, it would continue to close. Before, if they push the remote button twice, the door would reverse in the direction it was going, finally, they tried to conclude it’s probably not the remote.

When a door stops suddenly by itself, it’s usually the force control setting on the opener. It just like there’s a resistance happen as if the door hit something, so it stops the drive motor. As the system ages, it takes more force to open or close the door. There is an adjustment on the rear of the opener motor housing which you should try increasing slightly. Also, lube the rollers to reduce the friction which if you don’t see any broken rollers is the likely cause of the friction.


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