Get Your Braced Garage Door

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A garage door may be the largest opening in your house, but it doesn’t mean the strongest hardware. You can see it become the weakest part during a hurricane. The door may deflect too much under excessive wind pressure and fails. If your garage door fails, the full fury of the hurricane will enter your house and in all probability blow off your roof and destroy your home.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified the loss of the garage door as one of four major factors in homes damaged and destroyed in Hurricane Andrew? Consider installing garage door brace to strengthen the door and provides support for the door in addition to garage door tracks.

Garage Door Brace

In purchasing the hardware to hurricane protection, there’re some models you can select. The hurricane garage door brace may be a permanent attachment. And they are rated to provide protection against winds of only up to 120 mph, a wind speed that is exceeded hurricanes rated Category 3 and higher but these resistant doors are expensive and may require a building permit for installation.

If you are not dealing with these models, just chose something that you put in place whenever the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration posts hurricane warnings. Yes, you can protect your garage and your home from the storm without replaces your existing garage door. Most of these garage door brace is anchored into the wall above the garage door, the floor and to each hinge providing the necessary reinforcement of the garage door tracks.

Commonly the braces weigh less than 15 pounds and are made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that is light yet incredibly strong. Once the brace hardware installation is complete, your garage door brace is removed until needed. When not in use, only the top bracket and the bolts for the floor anchor remain permanently in place. Just compare and select wisely, based on your need. It’s also urgent to reinforce your double-wide garage door at their weakest points.

This involves installing horizontal and/or vertical bracing onto each panel, using wood or light gauge metal girths bolted to the door mullions.


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