Garage Door Vents

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It’s not a window but it works to cool a garage, a good idea to cool your garage door. Adding garage vents is a good effort to encourage air flow will lower the temperature in the garage as well as help ventilate the room from toxic fumes when the doors are closed. Garage door vents prevent the heat trapped in your garage without open your garage door so you should not expose your vehicles or stuff to anyone. The vents are custom made to fit each individual door, they are made of heavy aluminum and have been engineered for winds above 140 m.p.h.

Installing garage door vents

The vents can be installed in the glass panels of your existing garage door, in the walls of your garage, or in one of the panels of the door if it has no windows. Each vent can be installed with the screen to keep out bugs and it’s not a hard task to install garage door vents to lower the temperature of your garage. After that, you’ll be comforted to spend more time in your garage without feels like in an oven.

  • Purchase plastic or metal vents at your local hardware supply store. The more vents the better, but if you choose to only put in a few make them as large as possible.
  • Place vents on at least two exterior walls. Higher is better for the exhaust vent but intake vents can be placed lower on a wall if necessary. In order for the heat to move out, cooler air must enter the garage. Even when the wind is not blowing a natural flow will circulate the air slowly.
  • Cut a hole the size of the manufacturer’s recommendation. Use a circular saw or saws-all to rough out the hole and make any adjustments necessary. Insert the vent from the outside to test the fit.
  • Run a bead of caulk around the edge of the vent and mount it using the screws provided. Ensure the caulk creates a good seal to keep water out during heavy storms.
  • Consider a powered fan for a large garage or when it isn’t possible to vent from multiple walls to release the heat. Contact an electrician to run any new power lines to ensure the project meets local codes.

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