Cost of Garage Doors

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Purchasing new garage doors is not easy. Many people get a headache when they want to buy new garage doors because they only know a little about the garage door. Recently, in the market, there are many various new garage doors. And the important thing is about the cost of garage doors. Below this the general range of garage doors cost.

Range Cost of Garage Doors

The first is Cost of Aluminum Garage Doors. Simpler aluminum garage doors without insulation layers are inexpensive: prices from $500 to $800. It is for standard two-car doors. Insulated aluminum garage doors are more expensive, and their prices may rise to $1,000 to $1,300. It is standard two-car doors.

The second is Cost of Wood Garage Door. You can find very simple and low-quality wood garage doors with prices as low as $500 or $800. But appearance-grade and solid wood doors are significantly more expensive. Doors with solid hardwood panels will cost you at least $1,500 for redwood or $2,000 for oak-paneled and all-cedar. Those are the smaller sizes. Larger doors will easily cost you twice those values. Prices of wood garage doors are varied a lot. Prices above $3,000 for form smaller sizes, up to $10,000 are truly common.

The third is Cost of Steel and Aluminum Garage Door. The prices of steel doors vary with their sizes such as simple car doors, double car door, cart doors and type single layer non-insulated doors, double layer doors, and three-layer doors. Details like vinyl backs or steel on both sides of the door also matter. Simple steel garage doors prices between $600 and $800 are common. Double car garage with good insulation levels will cost you $300 more.

In the case of stocked standard garage doors, installation costs are often included in the price of the door. When billed separately, installation can add about $100 to the cost of the door or more, for custom doors.


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