Consider to Do Garage Door Panel Repair Before Purchase a New Garage Door

When we find a broken garage door panel or even a backed-into garage door panel problem, replacing a new garage door is not only expensive but also not really urgent to do. If your garage door panel is warped by time or damaged by wood rot or water damage, it may be a must to replace your old garage door with a new one. But when the problem is only damage to an individual panel, you just need to do garage door panel repair and call the commercial garage door repair customers for it.

Garage door panel repair

A professional repairman will help you because garage door panel repair is not really simple in the process. It’s better if you order your replacement panels from the same manufacturer that made your garage door. However, it is much less expensive than buying a new garage door and you can save more money if you can do it without hiring a pro. By following some steps you can replace your broken garage panels in no time.

Before doing a garage door panel repair project, you should make sure that any automatic garage door openers are unplugged. Once this is done, open up your garage door and remove the springs. This will make sure that the door does not spring open when you are working on it. Next, close the garage door, holding it all the way down.

Now, remove your individual broken panels. Unscrew or unfix the individual broken panels by sliding them out of the frame. Do this carefully so as not to break the remaining panels. If the panels are made of painted wood, consider removing and repainting the remainder, so the new panels do not stand out. As the finishing, install a new panel. To put in the new panel, just reverse what you have just done, slide in the new panel and attach it. Then slide the top panel back in, attaching that also. Open the garage door and reattach the spring.


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