A Folding Garage Door for your tight space

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If you don’t have a large garage, and the room where your vehicles parked in just enough for a small door footprint, consider creating a folding garage door. Its really deal with the tight spaces because they fold against one another, by stack vertically with their smaller width, the doors do not block your path, in the same manner, a full-sized, open door would.

Have decided to keep your vehicles and enhance the looks of your exterior? Pay attention toward the steps of creating a folding garage door. The attention should not only refer to ‘how you finish step by step’, but also how to think about the good method of installation and maintenance to support them works well in a long period for your folding garage door. It should be sized properly and make sure it installed well by your self or be supported by an expert.


  • Start it by measuring the width and height of the opening, divide the total in two different ways, first by 2 and other by 4 ( example: a 36-inch wide opening would have two 18 inch panels or four 9 inch panels. Make sure you understand because after it you use that example again when subtracts each of these measurements by 1/4 inch to allow for hinges and hardware. Subtract 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the overall height, depending upon the type of track hardware being used. If there are floor height changes at the opening, additional height adjustments may be required.
  • Next, decide which size and number of panels to use. The track hardware is the same for each, but the number of hinges and work creating the panels doubles with four. Either one can work, depending upon the size of the opening.
  • Figure the amount of hardware needed. A typical folding door, around 6 to 7 feet tall, will need three hinges between each panel.
  • Buy a folding door track hardware kit from the hardware store. The kit should contain all the rest of the hardware needed to complete a folding door installation. Some folding door kits include a full bottom track and heavily used doors will benefit from a full floor track.

How to create?

  • Follow the directions contained in the folding door hardware kit. Attach the upper track, bottom jamb bracket, and pivots as per the instructions.
  • Attach the hinges between the pairs of panels. Pairs of folding doors fold out. The top hinge should start about 4 inches from the top of the panel and the bottom hinge about 4 inches from the bottom of the panel. A third hinge should be centered between the other two.
  • Insert the pivots into the doors, insert the doors onto the top track and place the end panels into the hardware. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Be careful in adding door panels, don’t give them heavy panels because it’s really possible to bring the track to malfunction or be permanently damaged.

The steps are from eHow.com and have been edited.


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